In a buyers' market purchasers havemore choice, negotiate harder and have the luxury of taking their time infinding a new home. There is no need for them to be rushed into quick action.

For sellers this new dynamic willcreate a different set of questions and decisions. Pricing will be key. So toowill property presentation and condition. But one of their biggest decisionswill be which estate agent to use. Some might not have sold a property for along time and there have been many changes. New options are available.

While there was a strong sellers'market low-cost online property listing companies sprang up to cash in whenselling property was relatively straightforward. But now things will change.Simply listing a property on a property portal will no longer be enough. Eachhouse or flat will have to be competitively and accurately priced, serious andmotivated buyers will have to be found rather than fallen over, and once a salehas been agreed it will take experience and expertise to keep it on trackthrough all the legal, financial and dependent sales complications that are aninevitable part of most property transactions these days. These all take time,tenacity and training - things that the bargain basement operators aren't wellequipped for.

Of course one should always look forgreat value. But sometimes that does not mean the lowest price - or commissionin estate agency terms. In estate agency good value means finding the firm thatwill get the top price from the best buyer, often in the quickest time.Anything else is of no value at all. In fact it is a false economy. It is hopingfor the best and that has no place when it comes to selling such a valuableasset.

So if you are selling in what maysoon become a buyers' market it is best to shop around and ask your estateagent what he or she will do differently in this different market. Ask whatmakes one firm better - not cheaper - than another. It is very easy to be thecheapest choice. It takes skill, expertise and sustained performance over manyyears to be the best choice.

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