Photo of Paul Goverd

Paul Goverd

Franchisee since 2001 and employed by CJ Hole in Southville since 1994, Paul Goverd lives and breathes this area and the business. He knows and loves the city and this pocket of it better than a cab driver, and insists that his team do likewise. Paul boasts a strong corporate background prior to his career in estate agency, with substantial chunks of time spent working for Bank of Scotland, Legal and General and Cadbury's. This experience gave him a solid grounding in marketing and management, which is evident in the success he has brought to the Southville office. From being eighth in the area league, Paul brought his agency up to number one in 2006 and has sustained that position ever since through sheer hard work and consistency. To Paul, his handpicked team is his business. He has trained every single one so they can benefit from everything he has learnt over the years. This means that each client receives honest, informed and educated advice, regardless of whom they speak to at the branch. Although Paul is now a family man with a wife, two children and a love of walking on the Black Downs, his business is just as important to him as it ever was. In fact, he likens it to a child that he wants to nurture and watch thrive.