Thinking of selling? Six top tips to add value to your home

Thinking of selling? Six top tips to add value to your home

Whether buying or selling property, we're all after the best deal we can get. From a selling point of view, that means achieving the best possible price you can once your property hits the market.

However, if your home is not up to standard when compared with other similar properties in your area, you will be on the back foot right away.

Thankfully, there are a host of steps you can take to make your home stand up against the best and doing so doesn't always have to require major work.

Indeed, taking on major construction or renovation work simply to sell your home should only be done if you know you will be get a return on your investment.

Read on for CJ Hole's top tips for adding value to your home...



Yes, major work should only be considered against a return on investment, but major work to fix the things that are fundamentally wrong with your home may be forced upon you.

Identify any structural problems that may crop up on a buyer's survey. Dealing with issues such as these now is far better than halfway through the sales process when a buyer may get cold feet.

Call in the experts to examine your property. Things like a leaky roof with broken titles or rotten joists will need to be repaired before the for sale board goes up.



Buyers in 2018 are very energy conscious. Having a modern, up-to-date heating system and steps in place to keep that heat in will all be high on a buyer's wish list.

While having a new heating system fitted may be a cost you want to avoid, there are some less expensive steps that can be taken to boost your home's energy efficiency.

There is always a deal to be had on new double glazing, while adding cavity wall insulation can save a huge amount on heating bills.

Those kind of expenses will almost certainly come back to you through an increased valuation and can be undertaken without too much disruption.



Extensions and loft conversions come under the 'major work' banner, so should only be undertaken if you are sure there is a return to be gleaned from your investment in cash and time.

Buyers will look at your home with one eye on the future. If their family grows but your home already boasts the space to cope with that change, the appeal of not having to move again will put you in the driving seat with them.

Loft conversions don't generally require planning permission but with a staircase to add, loft work doesn't always result in a lot more space. Consider a side or rear extension but always check with your council's planning team before starting work.



Almost all buyers will be on the lookout for a property with a large, open plan kitchen in 2018 and 2019. And that heart of the home can boost your property's value significantly.

Again, make sure what you spend will be reflected in the property's sale value before commencing work and bring in the experts if interior walls need to come down in order to create a space with the wow factor.

Families will look for kitchens in the multi-functional class, so ensure yours works on more than one level and isn't simply somewhere to cook and clean up!



A spacious and functional bathroom is another must have for many buyers. But if you do decide to undertake this work before selling, remember to include a shower in at least one bathroom in your house!

Roll top baths can provide something really special for potential buyers but suites should be modern and tasteful with tiling and fixtures and fittings to match.


There's little to be gained from the striking bi-fold doors added to your new kitchen diner if the garden they lead out to is an unstable, unattractive space.

A functional and tranquil garden is a huge selling point and will add definite value to your home. And the best thing is, much of the work sprucing up the space can be done by you, so no added costs unless you really want to go to town on a new garden design.

Factor in things like outdoor storage and if your garden is large, consider some hard-standing areas as well as luscious green lawn. Too much grass can put off buyers who don't want to commit to maintaining the space.


Completed renovations and now ready to sell? Contact your local CJ Hole branch and arrange a valuation.