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The future of the Renters (Reform) Bill

It has been announced that the long-awaited Renters (Reform) Bill will not pass.

The Bill was currently going through the House of Lords when the announcement for the General Election was made. The 12 amendments tabled by the Lords meant the government simply ran out of time in the ‘wash-up’ period.

Will there be a new bill and what will it contain? What should landlords do now to ensure they’ll always be compliant? Coming up, we’ll unpack what any future bill might include with tips on what landlords should do before that occurs.

Will there be a new Renters (Reform) Bill?

Renters reform will be high on the agenda of both the current government and main opposition parties. However, any new reform bill will have to start from the beginning.

Make no mistake, reform is coming and we, as a member of one of the largest property groups in the country, will help to shape its policy.

What will the new bill contain?

It is fair to say the previous Renters (Reform) Bill was poorly drafted and created a lot of unintended consequences.

Both Labour and the Conservatives agree that section 21 should be abolished. Labour has even said it would abolish no fault evictions on day one of a Labour administration.

Hopefully these issues can be addressed for the benefit of tenants whilst supporting the landlord's interests.

What should landlords do now?

If you’re a landlord, you should educate yourself about the changes which will inevitably come. The penalties for even minor breaches will be significant so using a professional managing agent is critical.

When you work with CJ Hole, we'll keep you up to date with any new changes to legislation, provide state of the art tenancy agreements, expert advice and represent your interests at the highest level.

Want to learn more? Speak to your local office for more information.

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