How to 'de-pet' your home: Tips for selling a property when you have pets

How to 'de-pet' your home: Tips for selling a property when you have pets

Getting your property ready to sell can be a stressful time, with a multitude of repairs and plenty of tidying up to be done before you put your home on the market.

If you're a pet owner, you may need to consider how to 'de-pet' your home before any viewings are booked in. Not everyone likes the idea of animals in the home, and it could deter them from wanting to buy your property.

We've put together a list of tips for selling your property when you have pets...

1. Relocate your pets

You may not like the thought of it, but one suggestion if you are selling is to relocate your pet for the entire duration of the marketing process. It will make it much easier to keep your home clean if pets aren't present when viewings are booked in.

If you can't relocate them, smaller pets could be kept in a single room during viewings - just make sure they don't cause too much mess.

2. Have a good look around

Try to look at your property with a new pair of eyes. Someone who isn't fond of animals will pick up many of the smaller things you may miss, such as smells or pet hair, so make sure you walk through each room and take a good look around.

Note down anything you spot so you have a list of jobs you need to complete.

3. The world is a stage - and so is your home

The goal to selling your property is to stage it so any potential buyers find it easy to imagine themselves living there.This means removing reminders of you and of course your pets!

Put away feeding dishes, water bowls, dog beds, litter trays, chewed up toys and any large pet accessories.

4. Give your home a deep clean

Whether you have pets in your home or not, you will want your house to look immaculate for both photos and viewings.

If you have pets make sure you deep clean high traffic areas, paying special attention to carpets. Treating your home with a flea spray is also a good idea if there's a possibility that your pet may have fleas.

5. Wear and tear

Carpets that have been clawed by your cat, or claw marks over the back door from your dog trying to get out won't give viewers a good first impression. Repair any damage to the property caused by your pets before people start to come round on viewings.

If your dog likes to tear up the garden, you might need to take on a bit of garden maintenance to tidy it up before any photos are taken. Limiting your dog's use of the garden, or at the least watching them while they are out there, will also help to keep it looking in top condition.

6. Sense of smell

When you live day in and day out with animals in your home, you're likely to become accustomed to any pet smells.

A smelly, unkempt property will have potential buyers running out the door, so try to tackle any smells before people visit. If you don't notice any odour problems, maybe ask a friend or relative to pop round for a good sniff!

Plug-in air fresheners located at various points around the house will help to eliminate any odours, and automatic air fresheners are a good idea if you're out of the property all day.

Don't forget to make sure any litterboxes are thoroughly cleaned, fresh and out of sight if possible. Fish tanks aren't usually too much of a big deal to potential buyers if they're clean and don't smell.

7. De-hair your home

You might be used to pet hair all over your furniture and bedding, but for someone who doesn't own a pet or maybe has an allergy, this can be quite unappealing. Make sure stray hairs get vacuumed up or swept up away, especially on dark coloured carpets or furniture where pet hair can really stand out.

If you have any questions about getting your home ready for viewings or selling your home, feel free to contact your local CJ Hole branch