10 easy DIY projects to help sell your house quickly

10 easy DIY projects to help sell your house quickly

The Chancellor’s stamp duty ‘holiday’ is in full swing and the housing market is fully open again following the coronavirus lockdown.

So, if you’ve been considering putting your property on the market, now could be a good time to do so with buyer interest high and activity buoyant.

But securing a quick sale for the right price could depend on what kind of condition your home is in.

If it’s in need of a little TLC, now’s the time, so here are 10 easy DIY tasks you can take on that will give you the best chance of that fast sale.


How to sell your house quickly: 10 quick, easy DIY projects

Home improvement ideas come at a cost, so making sure you’re spending your money in the right areas is crucial.


1 Spruce up your kitchen

While a full kitchen makeover might not be possible as you bid to capitalise on the buoyant property market, you can make your kitchen turn heads on viewings with a small budget and a bit of elbow grease.

It’s always worth placing some focus on the kitchen before selling as it’s arguably the most important room in the house for buyers.

Here are three cost and time-effective ways you can give your kitchen a new lease of life:

  • Paint your kitchen cabinets and change the handles
  • Add a new splashback
  • Update your flooring


2 Paint your walls

If your property’s décor hasn’t seen a tin of paint for a while and you’re planning to sell, now is the perfect moment to update it.

While it can be tempting to go for colours you like, remember the reason you’re painting is to appeal to buyers rather than yourself.

With that in mind, use neutral colours like whites and greys and keep the bolder tones for feature walls if you want to create them.

Read up on the current trends, too, and use colours that are of the moment, so your property really appeals to design-savvy buyers.


3 Change your front door

First impressions definitely count with buyers and as the front of your property is the first thing they’ll see, a new front door can really create the wow factor.

As well as making a good impression as a design statement, a new front door can also appeal to buyers who are eco-conscious and want a home that is energy efficient.

Modern doors are extremely energy efficient, as well as looking great, but even if your budget can’t stretch to a new one, you could add a splash of colour to your existing door if it’s wooden.


4 Tidy up your bathrooms

Along with the kitchen, buyers will place a large amount of their focus on your bathrooms when looking at your property.

And while a new bathroom suite might be out of reach both financially and from a time point of view, there are still plenty of DIY tasks you can take on to present your bathrooms in the best possible way.


  • Replacing any cracked or broken tiles
  • Refreshing the grouting that has become stained or discoloured
  • Replacing taps and shower fittings
  • Adding a storage unit if you have space


5 Look at lighting in your house

While buyers will usually focus on the amount of natural light flooding into your property during a viewing, they’ll also be looking at how your electric lighting is used and how it affects the ambiance of your home.

So, when it comes to lighting DIY jobs, take on the following before selling:

  • Replace any blown bulbs with energy efficient ones
  • Take down any out-of-date shades and replace with new ones, or new, modern fixed light fittings
  • Add lamps or corner lights to rooms that lack natural light


6 Focus on flooring

While flooring can be a reasonably high expense and isn’t always something that can be done yourself, you should consider flooring upgrades before you sell if they’re needed.

Carpet fitting is often best left to the professionals, so if you’re looking to replace any old or outdated carpets, it’s usually best to use a fitter rather than tackle this task yourself.

Wood flooring can also be a great option for modern homes as it is long-lasting and resilient to children and pets, so if your property is considered a family home, laminate or real wood flooring is something you could look at.

Hard flooring is usually something that can be taken on yourself, too, saving you some money as well as adding style and functionality to your property.


7 Easy DIY patio projects

Laying a patio can be a great way to create a superb, low maintenance entertaining area for your property’s garden.

Even if you already have a patio, you could consider replacing it to really make a statement – and the work can often be done yourself, too.

High maintenance gardens can be appealing to some buyers and totally off-putting to others.

So, when it comes to your outside space, finding a middle ground is the best way to appeal to most buyers and secure a quick sale.


8 Fixtures around the house

Often it can be the small touches that really appeal to buyers, so don’t forget to take a look at the fixtures around your house and replace any that have seen better days or are outdated.

You could look to replace:

  • Light switches and plug sockets
  • Curtain rails
  • Door handles


9 Exterior decorating

As we mentioned earlier when looking at a front door replacement for your property, there are a host of DIY tasks you can take on outside of your house.

If your house is rendered and is looking a little ‘green’ through weathering, consider painting the exterior to really bring it back to life.

If your budget stretches and you want to take things further, you could even add a porch.

With any external work, however, check to see if you need planning permission before breaking ground.


10 Make what you have better

If you have areas of your house that are real selling points, ensure you make the best of them.

That could include a period fireplace, original floorboards or decorative mouldings if you’re selling an older property.

Original features and character are highly sought-after by many buyers, so make sure they’re looking the best they can.

  • Repaint fireplaces
  • Sand back and polish floorboards
  • Paint and protect wooden or metal sash windows
  • Bring timber beams to life


Is it better to sell a house ‘as is’ or fix it up?

This depends on the kind of buyer you attract and the price you want to achieve. Some buyers prefer to have more of a blank canvas to add their own stamp to a property.

That means areas of your home that need work may appeal to them, rather than put them off.

Others will be put off by any work and will want a ‘move straight in’ house.

Generally, you should fix any big issues with your home before putting it on the market as major work is usually off-putting for the majority of buyers.


Which home improvements add the most value?

Improvements like wholesale kitchen and bathroom makeovers will usually add value to your home as these are key rooms in the eyes of buyers.

As well as that, adding space and square footage to your property will also boost its value.

So, consider a conservatory, loft conversion or extension if you’re looking to add genuine value to your home and have the budget to do the work.


How can I add value to my home on a budget?

While major changes like new kitchens, extensions and conversions add the most value, it’s possible to give your property a financial lift when on a tight budget, too.

A property that has been loved and looked after will generally appeal to more buyers than one that needs work to bring it up to standard and this should be reflected in any asking price.

Use the space you have well and keep things looking fresh and modern through regular decoration projects, which won’t cost the earth but will help your property stand out from the crowd.


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