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Five ways to speed up the sale of your home

The road to completing the sale of your home is often paved with uncertainty and frustration.

With so many key people being involved in property transactions, it can be a stressful time for both buyers and sellers alike.

But there are certain things you can do as a seller to help speed up the process and ease the stress levels.

Here are CJ Hole's top tips to ensure the sale of your home runs as quickly and smoothly as possible...

1. Sell before you buy

Of course, this might not be an option for many people. But if you can take one side of the buying and selling equation away, it can ease those pain points.

Selling your home before you buy another means you are effectively chain free. That means you are far more appealing to sellers when you do come to buy, but most importantly it means you are not under pressure to sell your home quickly in order to keep your purchase on track.

2. Organise everything early

Forward planning is one of the best ways to keep your property sale on track.

Get all your paperwork in order as early as you can. That way, when your solicitor asks for a key document, you can put your hand on it straight away.

Most property sales are held up by the conveyancing process and local government searches, as well as financial issues. Anything you can do to negate those issues will help get you to completion as soon as possible.

3. Use the best services

Ask friends and family for recommendations when it comes to solicitors, removals companies and surveyors.

Particularly in the case of your solicitor, it can pay to use a local firm rather than an internet-only service.

While the online option may be cheaper, solicitors offering those kind of services are usually working on a number of cases at once.

That leaves you at the mercy of others. A local firm is far more likely to keep your sale on track - and if they don't, you can get hold of them to chase far more quickly!

4. Communicate with your agent and solicitor

It's hugely important to keep the lines of communication with your estate agent and solicitor fully open.

That means keeping your phone on and making yourself available should either need to contact you.

It can also be a good idea to arrange regular weekly calls with both so issues with the sale can be ironed out and everyone knows what is expected of them to keep your sale moving forward.

5. Stay realistic

As much as you might hope for a swift conclusion to your sale, the reality is the process takes time.

There will almost certainly be bumps in the road at some stage, but setting a realistic target for completion between all parties is a good starting point.

Most of all, don't panic if your sale starts to drag. Keep the pressure on all parties to get the sale concluded as quickly as possible, but remain calm and ensure you are meeting your side the deal!

If you have any questions about selling your home, get in touch with your local CJ Hole office who will be happy to help.

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