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10 tips to add value to your garden

Gardens have arguably never been more valuable to both buyers and sellers. After all, we’re spending more time at home than ever before.

So, our wants and needs from the properties we live in have changed and a yearning for outdoor space has become apparent.

Here, we’ll reveal 10 things you can do to add more value and more appeal to your garden…

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How much value does a garden add to a property?

In cities, a garden can add more than £45,000 to the value of your home.

On top of that, a nice, well-maintained garden could add as much as 20% to the value.

With that in mind, it’s certainly worth giving your garden some love and attention.

Do garden buildings add value?

Buyers place a lot of emphasis on storage, so a good shed, garage or other outbuildings can add real value to your home.

Conservatories and garden rooms can also add considerable value due to the extra square footage they provide.

Does a garden office add value to a house?

Buyer demand for home office space has increased hugely since the pandemic, so if your property has a garden office, or space for one, it could increase its value.

Add value to your garden with these 10 tips

Whether your garden is a tiny courtyard or a vast green lawn, bringing it to life can make a real difference to your property’s value.

Here are 10 ways to add value to your garden before selling…

1. Present your garden well

While it may not directly add value to your home, a poorly presented garden or one that looks like it will require a lot of work to put right can be hugely off-putting for buyers.

Garden maintenance is just as important as maintaining your home itself, so before you sell, you should:

• Feed, mow, and water your lawn

• Remove weeds from the lawn, flower beds, paths, and patio

• Repair any damaged fencing, or trellis, and treat with a wood preserver or paint

• Cut back overgrown plants or trees

• Jet wash pathways and patio slabs

2. Showcase your entertaining space

The so-called ‘Race for Space’ sparked by the pandemic has seen buyers place far more emphasis on gardens during their property search.

So, by making your garden’s entertaining space stand out, you might secure both a quick sale and a great price for your home.

You could consider:

• Laying a new, larger patio area

• Building a deck space for barbecues

Buyers will be looking for spaces where they can entertain family and friends, so an area created purely for drinks or al-fresco dining can add real value to your property.

3. Stage your garden

You might have heard estate agents talk about ‘staging’ your home when selling.

And the same approach can be taken with your garden.

By showing buyers how your garden space can be used, you’ll be helping them to imagine what it would be like to live there.

Set up your table and chairs on your patio or deck and put up a parasol, so you can sell the lifestyle that comes with your home as well as the property itself.

4. Show off your garden’s practical side

One thing almost all buyers will be looking for from your property is plenty of storage – and that desire extends to your outside space, too.

A good-sized garden shed is a practical way to store things like bikes, lawnmowers and other equipment and will really appeal to potential buyers as well as add value to your home.

If you already have a shed in place, don’t forget to regularly maintain it and add security measures like strong padlocks.

5. Make your garden secure

Buyers with pets or children will want to see a secure garden when they start viewing properties to buy.

A safe and secure garden can be a valuable asset, so think about filling any gaps in fences or gates and adding additional security measures like locks where needed.

6. Add planting to ‘complete’ your garden

A ‘move straight in’ house that’s decorated and finished is always a huge selling point, and it can be the same for your garden.

By adding plenty of mature plants, you can make your garden feel ‘complete’ when buyers come to view your home.

If you’re planning on selling, but you don’t want to spend hours gardening and planting flowers that you’ll have to leave behind, invest in a few potted plants.

They’ll add colour and help to brighten up your garden for viewings, and you can take them with you when you move.

7. Add a water feature

Unique features can really add value to your garden and buyers will be drawn in by something that makes your home stand out from everyone else’s.

Water features are superb ways to make your garden feel bespoke, and can create a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere in your garden, making it more attractive to potential buyers.

8. Be creative with outdoor lighting

Lighting can really bring a garden space to life.

Many viewings take place in the evenings and by investing in some quality outdoor lighting, buyers will see your garden with added ambience.

9. Add a focal point

If your budget stretches to it, adding more useable space to your garden can be a superb way to add value.

A summerhouse or garden office can be both a stunning focal point and a practical addition to your outdoor space.

If your potential pool of buyers is dominated by families, a summerhouse can be a great space for a playroom.

And with more and more people now working from home, a purpose-built garden office can be a great selling point for young professionals or working parents.

10. Make it private

If your home suffers from overlooking, this can be off-putting for buyers and can even affect your property’s value.

By taking steps to make your garden more private, however, you can negate both of those problems.

Think about adding hedges like Yew to certain areas of your garden to shield it from view or relocate your patio or deck to a private corner.

Climbing plants and privacy screens are also great ways to make your garden more private.

For more advice on how to add value to your home, book a valuation today.

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