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Rental Decorating Ideas.

Rental decorating ideas

Renting a property often means you’re limited with what you can do to make it feel like ‘home’.

Decorating a rental property is often prohibited in a tenancy agreement, while anything that causes damage to the property could affect your deposit at the end of your tenancy.

However, there are things you can do to make your rental more homely, without risking your deposit.

“Add colour to the rooms with throws, cushions, and blankets,” advises Rob Smith, CJ Hole’s Managing Director.

“This will liven up a dull home and help it feel more like home.

Any area may be personalised with plants and appliances, and you can emphasise lighting in your living room with standing and table lights.”

Are renters allowed to decorate?

While your landlord isn’t obligated to allow you to decorate, you can ask them if you wish to.

If you’ve signed a long-term tenancy agreement and you’re planning to stay in your rental property for a long time, your landlord may allow you to decorate under certain conditions.

Your landlord may:

  • Insist on approving the paint colour you choose
  • Request that the property is repainted in its original colour before you move out
  • Insist on amendments to your tenancy agreement to include decorating agreements
  • Request that the property is inspected once you’ve completed your decorating work and a new inventory carried out

Can you put things on the wall in a rental?

In most cases, your landlord will allow you to hang pictures or artwork on the walls of your rental property, so long as any damage caused by nails or screws is made good at the end of your tenancy agreement.

If your tenancy agreement states nothing should be hung on the property’s walls, then you are obliged to stick to this term.

Is it worth decorating a rented house?

If you’re planning to stay in your rental property for an extended time and you want to make it feel more like home, decorating can be a great idea, if your landlord agrees.

However, if you’re on a short-term tenancy agreement and likely to move on soon, decorating is not something your landlord is likely to agree to and is probably not worth the effort on your part.

Tips for decorating a rental

If you’re looking to decorate your rental property, there are steps you can take to make it feel more like home while also protecting your deposit.

Try these decorating ideas for renters:

Houseplants with beautiful leaves near window

1. Add houseplants

Adding houseplants to your rental property is a great way to create a more homely feel without risking your deposit.

And not only could indoor plants brighten up your rental property, but they also come with a range of health benefits.

Great, low maintenance plants to introduce to your property include:

  • Ficus trees
  • Snake plants
  • Spider plants
  • String of Hearts
  • Peace lily

Living room with light

2. Improve your property’s lighting

If your rental property lacks natural light, or only benefits from ceiling light fittings, try introducing some additional lighting.

Lamps in corners can help to lift dark areas of your living room, while table lamps can create soft lighting in bedrooms for late evening reading.

Remember, too, to go for energy saving or LED bulbs in any lighting you do add, as these are more sustainable and will last longer than standard bulbs.

Pillows on chair

3. Add soft furnishings with splashes of colour

By adding your own soft furnishings to your rental home, you’ll be able to create layers which can make a property feel more ‘lived in’.

Even if you’re renting your property on a furnished basis, adding soft furnishings like cushions and throws can instantly add a pop of colour and texture to your living room or bedroom.

Wall tape

4. Hang pictures without nails

While most landlords will be happy for you to hang things on your walls so long as any damage is repaired when you move out, it’s possible to put your favourite pictures or art on a wall without the need for nails.

Picture hanging strips are designed to be easily removed from walls, leaving behind no damage or residue that could affect your deposit.

Sofa in living room

5. Use rugs to add texture to your rooms

Plain rental property flooring or carpet can instantly be lifted with the addition of a rug.

Look for rugs that introduce small pops of colour and texture, but that don’t overwhelm the space.

Patterned rugs in light colours can also be great for dark wooden or laminate floors that soak up natural light.

Sofa by window

6. Introduce your own furniture

Renting a property on an unfurnished basis can be a great way to introduce your own furniture and make your property feel more homely.

But even if you’re renting a furnished property, bringing in items of your own can help you present the property in your style.

Think about items like coffee tables, free-standing mirrors or even a new sofa, and search around online for bargains or unique items that could bring your rental property to life.

Shelf infornt of plain wall

7. Add renter-friendly shelves

Adding traditional shelving to your rental property could result in deposit-risking wall damage.

But by adding free-standing shelves, you can benefit from additional storage and brighten up your living space.

Adhesive shelves are another great way to do this and work in the same way as picture handing strips – meaning they can easily be removed at the end of your tenancy without causing damage to walls.

Swing on terrace

8. Create a functional outdoor space

Whether you’re renting a flat with a balcony, or a larger house with a good-sized garden, one great way to make your property feel more like home is through creating a functional outdoor space.

Add some furniture to your outdoor space, alongside some potted plants or a herb garden you can also use for cooking.

Outdoor lighting can also help bring the space to life, with great solar options available, too, meaning your additional lights won’t cost you extra on your electricity bill.

Room interior with golden decorative elements

9. Try these temporary wall covering ideas

Many rental properties are painted in neutral colours like white or magnolia, simply so the property has mass appeal when being marketed for rent.

And while allowing you to paint might not be something your landlord is comfortable agreeing to, there are other options to bring your walls to life.

Peel and stick wallpaper is one of the best ways to do this, is easily removeable and should leave your walls free of damage when you move out.

Alternatively, you could try adding a removable sticker to your wall, with many great floral or inspirational quote options available.

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