How to personalise your rental home without losing your deposit

How to personalise your rental home without losing your deposit
Rental properties can sometimes come with all kinds of rules - you might not be allowed to repaint the walls without the landlord's permission, change the carpet, or even make holes in the walls! But just because it's a rental, it doesn't mean that you can't give it that personal touch. Read on for some great tips on how to turn that house into a home. 

Make it all about you

Choose accessories that really reflect your own tastes and styles. Think about what you love - are you a huge music buff or a major sports fan? Adding small reminders that reflect your passions can immediately make a place feel much more 'you'. Small, carefully thought out details can really transform a space, by adding some select items, you can instantly add personality and atmosphere into a room, without having to make any major changes at all.

Been to an event that you loved and evokes lots of memories for you? Don't just leave the ticket stubs in a drawer somewhere frame them up and put them on display on the fireplace or a table. Adding your own artwork and wall art to your new home is another very easy way to make it feel more lived in. Make a wall collage from old prints, postcards and other treasures.

Add a splash of colour

Transform your dining room or bedroom with some choice accessories, an oversized throw over the sofa or bed linen will give a significant colour boost. You may have a no-decorating clause in your contract, but there are alternative ways to add interest to walls. You don't need to strip the existing wallpaper or repaint the walls to add a fresh new colour to your home. Choosing the right accessories can have just as much of an impact and it's a lot easier.

Make sure to choose colours that complement the existing walls and carpet of course go with something monochromatic for a soothing and consistent look, by choosing accessories in a similar hue or to add a vibrant touch, choose a colour that contrasts instead. It's useful to look at a colour wheel to help you decide which colours will work!

No holes no problem

Want to create a feature gallery wall but can't make holes? No problem! Invest in some removable picture hanging and poster strips, which attach frames or artworks directly to walls and can be removed without a trace. Or for a more fun and modern feel, Washi tape can be used to stick up unframed prints. There are so many uses for Washi tape, one of them being making a creative design on your boring white rental wall. Washi tape is strong, although peels right off without damaging your wall.

If you need a guide on how to make a Washi tape wall, head on over to Pinterest, where there are countless DIY projects to get your creative juices flowing. Alternatively, why not consider some wall stickers? They are cheap and both easy to apply and remove - great! Inspire yourself every day with a new phrase above your bed. Or add some colour and decoration with sticker shapes.

Make it fresh

One of the best ways to give any space a fresh new lease of life is literally by adding new life! Plants are a fantastic way to make any house or flat feel more lived in and comfortable they detoxify the air, add colour and don't require any major amendments. Choose plants that will suit your lifestyle. If you're not particularly green-fingered, then plants that are easy to maintain such as terrariums, succulents and air plants are a great choice, as they require little maintenance. But if you do love fresh plants, then be a bit more adventurous!

A mini potted tree or exotic shrub that you can look after and nurture will imbue your space with a special touch. You can also create the same effect with fresh cut flowers instead fill a bowl or vase with a variety of colourful blooms to uplift the atmosphere of a room.

Make it fit

There's nothing worse than moving into a new home, rented or purchased, to find that your furniture and belongings simply don't fit the space. Your existing furniture may be too small or large and imposing for your new room. Many renters put some pieces into self storage until they decide what to do with them. Storage is key in any home, but in a rental it can be extra tricky as you may be reluctant to invest in pieces to fit a space that isn't your own, plus you may have to try to incorporate your landlord's furniture into the mix.

Don't be afraid to use furniture outside of its intended room or context, for instance, a chest of drawers could create handy storage in a living room as well as acting as a side table, or that old tallboy might work as a seating area in the hall for children. Alternatively, add colour to your furniture itself try painting pieces with Chalk Paint, which is especially good for adhering to cheap melamine furniture. Or try your hand at decoupage.

Remember, you don't always have to spend a huge amount to find something that works, check out eBay and pre-loved sites to find a new sofa that fits your living room properly.

Finally, when adding new furniture or accessories, always stick to what you love and what makes you happy, and you'll be surprised at how it helps your rental space come together and feel like home.