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What are the most Googled property questions of the year?

After an unpredictable 18 months, we’ve seen incredible levels of market activity across the UK.

In 2021, first-time buyers were able to resume their purchase plans, whilst the change in personal priorities meant that many others were able to invest, let and sell in different ways.

Using Google Search Data, a recent survey sheds light on the most common online searches from homeowners and buyers from the past year.

Ranking with the highest increase in online searches of 400% was the question: ‘can you sell property after probate?’.

Probate refers to the process of managing a person’s estate and assets after their passing.

Whilst the executor of the property isn’t tied to timeframes, an appropriate deadline will be determined by the courts and probate will need to be granted before contracts can be exchanged.

This can take between six to eight weeks; however, complex cases should be expected to take longer.

With a spike of 100% in searches this year, homebuyers were asking the question: ‘what property can I afford?

High demand levels have led to price increases across the country, so the question of affordability is understandable.

Before committing to any property, it’s important to assess your finances and establish a realistic threshold that a mortgage lender would consider approving.

Also high on the list for homeowners, with a search increase of 49%, was the following: ‘how is a property valuation done?

We know that our local knowledge is paramount to providing effective valuations that accurately reflect your home’s value.

That’s why we take the time to assess your property and its core USPs, as well as communicating national and local market trends that will factor into your house sale when we appraise a property.

As we approach the new year, we’d urge any homeowner considering a 2022 move to get in touch with us today.

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