When is the Right Time to Become a Fully Managed Landlord

When is the Right Time to Become a Fully Managed Landlord

Throughout their investment careers, many landlords overlook the value that solid management can bring. From sourcing quality tenants to ensuring that all legal requirements are met, an excellent management team frees up a landlord’s time.

Generally, our property management services work in a very flexible manner. This allows us to develop relationships with individual landlords, building a working pattern which favours all parties.


What Do Fully Managed Services Involve?

Depending on your package, letting agents can do a variety of things for you. You can give some or all your property management responsibilities to an agent.


Letting agents can:

  • Find the right tenant for you and market your property.
  • Arrange the tenancy: a rental agent can handle everything from getting references to running credit checks, securing deposits and drawing up tenancy agreements.
  • Collect rent: A rental agent can collect rent from your tenants and follow up any late payments.
  • Answer tenant queries, deal with issues and concerns and handle maintenance or repair work that needs scheduling.


Our Fully Managed Service Can Ensure the Quality of Your Tenants

The first, and perhaps most important, reason to become fully managed is to ensure that you have high-quality, dependable tenants. We can help you to create a long-term, positive relationship with tenants who are loyal, pay their rent on time and keep your property in good condition, giving you peace of mind.

Not only do they have the expertise and experience to acquire quality tenants, but they have perfected the process of conducting background checks. Meaning, your property will be occupied by tenants who pay on time and take the utmost care of the home.


Becoming a Fully Managed Landlord Can Save You Money

Understandably, some landlords are concerned they will not receive a return on their investment when hiring a team to oversee the property. However, many are surprised to hear that hiring the right team can save them huge amounts of money in the long term.

Our company often develops strong working relationships with those who specialise in property maintenance. This means the upkeep of the property can be dealt with swiftly, generally attracting much lower charges in return for loyal custom.


A Point of Contact

Our company will become the first point of contact for your tenants, which will ensure that routine and emergency maintenance problems are taken care of quickly and efficiently. There is no need for your tenants to have your personal contact information and they can liaise directly with the team, who will get in touch with you where necessary.

This relieves pressure on you as the landlord and gives tenants the confidence to know exactly who they should contact should they have any queries.


When to Hire our Fully Managed Services

People embark on property journeys for many different reasons. Some landlords enjoy being in the mix and working closely with their tenants. Others prefer to take a back seat and let someone else handle the daily running of the property. For this reason, you may prefer to take advantage of our managing services. Our managed services can also provide support to help landlords with the complexities of compliance and regulatory requirements. 

To find out more about our fully managed services, contact our expert agents for more information.