What to do when your purchase is complete

Buying a new home is a time filled with excitement. But it is also a time with a fair amount of stress, which doesn’t always cease once the conveyancing is complete and the keys are in your hands.

There are a multitude of things to do once your purchase is complete and knowing what to expect can help ease the pressure. CJ Hole is always here to help, so here is our list of the most important things you’ll need to do know your purchase is complete

Take out home insurance

First-time buyers, in particular, often neglect to take out buildings insurance policies. With many coming from a rental background, where their landlord took on the burden of this policy, they simply forget.

Buildings and contents insurance is hugely important and will protect your new home and your possessions from damage and theft.

Make sure you start picking up quotes as early as you can after moving.

Know your home

Knowing where the water stopcock and meters are can ensure you are fully prepared in a leak situation.

Make a point of finding the electric and gas meters as soon as you move in so you can supply your utilities companies with accurate readings. This can also help when looking for new suppliers in order to save money on your annual bills.

Are your smoke alarms working?

The previous owner of your property may have left the smoke alarms in place – but that doesn’t mean they are working.

When it comes to fire safety, nothing should be left to chance so go around and test each alarm individually.

Install new batteries in those that require them and replace alarms that are old or faulty. Take some time to familiarise yourself with the property’s burglar alarm if it has one.

Consider changing the locks

While doing so is not the cheapest part of a home move, if your property has not had the locks changed for a number of years, consider getting this done.

Many other people could have sets of keys from previous owners and for peace of mind, getting the locks changed can only be a good thing.

As with anything, speak to several locksmiths before deciding who you would like to do the work.

Take your time with work

Major jobs or renovation work will help you make the property your own. But it can pay to take your time and not jump in to serious work.

Planning, timeframes and budgets are key when it comes to major property work so try to resist the temptation to rush into decisions.

Take your time obtaining quotes and get recommendations from family, friends or your local CJ Hole branch before deciding on people to undertake the work.

Your local CJ Hole office will be happy to put you in touch with their contacts (plumbers, electricians etc) if needed.

Consider a boiler service contract

Most boilers will have a service history and yours may have been serviced before you moved into your dream home.

As the new owner of the property, it can be worth considering a regular service contract for your boiler to keep it in good working order

Boilers are expensive items to replace or repair, so a monthly payment and yearly service can often be the best and most cost-effective way of keeping it functioning.

Give the property a deep clean

Even if the previous owners of your property keep it spotlessly clean, the chances are some dirt and grime will remain from their time there.

CJ Hole always recommends buyers undertake a deep clean from a professional cleaning company once they have moved into their new home.

A clean property can really feel like home and bringing in the professionals can make a huge difference.

Decorate early

Away from major work, if you are planning to simply decorate your new home it can worth getting this done as soon as possible after moving in.

The reason? Do you really want to unpack and build that enormous king size bed only to have to pack it up again weeks later in order to paint your bedroom.

The answer to that question will almost certainly be no, so consider spending a few nights with the mattress on the floor before painting.

Once the room is how you want it, you’ll only need to unpack and build large items once, saving a huge amount of time and effort.

Get to know the area

As well as key services like the doctor’s surgery and dentist, having a good look around your new postcode with a clear head can only be a good thing.

Living in a new area is an exciting time and exploring everything around your dream home can reveal or unlock some hidden gems like independent coffee shops or small restaurants serving local produce.

As well as seeking out key amenities, have some fun and try these new places out!

Let people know you've moved

Chances are you will have informed your bank, mobile phone company and workplace of your new address but it can be easy to forget some people who need to know.

Royal Mail’s redirection service is worth paying for in many cases and can ensure your post doesn’t end up at your previous address.

Draw up a list of friends and family who need to know you have moved and let them have your new address.

Build a rapport with your neighbours

Now that your post-moving list is starting to look smaller, it is a good time to introduce yourself to the people around you.

Pop around and say hello to your neighbours. As well as starting off on a sound footing, you might learn something about the neighbourhood from them.

And most importantly, a good relationship with your neighbours means you might be able to nip off for some well-deserved sunshine somewhere while they feed your pets or water your plants!