Knowing your responsibilities as a tenant

The first thing we advise our tenants at CJ Hole to do is read their tenancy agreements! Many choose not to and this can cause problems either during the tenancy or at the end of it when deposits are being returned.

It’s hugely important that you, as a tenant, know what your obligations are so we’ve come up with the seven most important responsibilities that our tenants should be aware of.

Rent and bills

Any tenant should know that falling behind with their rent is a very bad situation indeed. It could end up costing you your deposit or, worst still, you could end up being evicted.

Never over-stretch yourself when it comes to taking on a tenancy and, if you do find yourself unable to pay on time, tell your CJ Hole agent or landlord.

Honestly is far more likely to result in an agreement being reached with your landlord.

You should also be aware that the responsibility for utility bills lies with you, unless your tenancy agreement states it does not.

Arrange to pay these bills on the day you move in by taking meter readings and supplying them to the utility companies. Ring the local council to tell them you have moved in so they can supply an accurate bill for the length of your tenancy.

Be insured

The landlord is not responsible for the things you own while they are inside your rental property. This falls on you and we would always recommend you take out a suitable contents insurance policy to cover your items.

Sometimes the unexpected can happen and it’s always worth protecting the things that are special to you.

While your landlord is responsible for buildings insurance, they will not accept liability for damaged or stolen items.

Cleanliness is key

The secret here is to treat your rental property like your own home. Essentially it is for the period you are living there, so treat it with respect and keep it clean.

A little hard work once a week can ensure that the property is kept at the same standard it was on the inventory report and this will give you the best possible chance of getting your deposit back in full.

Properties in poor condition on check out is one of the biggest reasons for people losing their deposits, so keep it up together during the period of your tenancy.

Do not damage

Accidents happen, of course, but away from the realms of ‘fair wear and tear’ your landlord is likely to place the cost of any repairs caused by you on your deposit.

This also includes people you have at the property, as they are your responsibility while they are on the premises.

Again, treat your rental property with respect and you’ll be just fine. But if something does happen, always be truthful and tell your CJ Hole agent or landlord straight away. Honesty goes a long way.

Keep communicating

Landlords often find tenants are too terrified to tell them about major issues in case the finger of blame is pointed at them.

If something major, like a broken boiler, overflowing toilet or burst pipe occurs, let your agent know as soon as you can.

The worst thing you can do is let a manageable problem descend into a major issue. It is your duty as a tenant to report problems speedily.

Be a good neighbour

This means not causing disturbance or misery to your neighbours. Remember, you are representing your landlord as much as yourself so be courteous and respectful at all times.

Maintain the garden to an acceptable level so it does not become an eyesore for your neighbours and ensure noise is kept to a minimum.

They have a right to peace as much as you do while you are renting the property and mutual respect means everything.

Empty properties

If you are going away for a period of time, for whatever reason, ensure your landlord knows how long the property will be empty for.

It could affect their buildings insurance policy, while they will also want to make sure the property is secure and the heating is running in the colder months to avoid disasters like burst pipes.

Keep those lines of communication open at all times.

Please refer to your CJ Hole Terms of Business document if you have any questions about your tenancy. Alternatively, you can speak to your local CJ Hole branch.

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