What will an estate agent look for when valuing my home?

What will an estate agent look for when valuing my home?

All sellers want their property to fetch its maximum value - it's perfectly natural. But when unrealistic expectations clash with an estate agent's valuation, there can be trouble ahead.

As well as knowing how to help your property reach its valuation pinnacle, knowing what agents look for when valuing a home can help you, as a seller, understand and appreciate the complexities of valuing property.

So what do agents look for when valuing a home? Take a look at CJ Hole's guide below...


Buyers with families will often look to move out of larger towns and cities once they have children, so the location of the properties they are looking at will be key for them.

Agents selling these kind of homes will place location at the forefront of their thinking. A family home close to a railway station will often be worth more than one 30 minutes' walk away, for instance.

An estate agent will also look at proximity to amenities. If your property sits close to a series of upmarket shops, that makes it a prime property in a prime location and the valuation should reflect that.

For rural properties like many of those in the South West, rooms with a view will naturally appeal to buyers and thus increase the value, while homes near the sea or a river also tend to come in higher than those further away.


Agents will try to factor in the tastes of those they think will be most interested in your type of property.

If there is a demand for period homes in the area you live, but yours is one of only a handful of superb examples on a prime street, that should provide a lift in valuation.

Most improvements to a property will raise its value, but things that make your home unique compared with the competition will be on the mind of a good estate agent undertaking a valuation.


Potential forms a huge part of an estate agent's valuation. And we're not just talking about the potential for increased square footage.

Agents should also look at the potential in your property's area. Are there plans for better travel links, either on road or rail, or new properties being built? All these things can affect your home's value.

Of course, an agent should also look for the scope to add space in your home. Even if it has already been extended, the valuation could improve if there is room for more improvement that could also add value for a new owner.


Did you know buyers form an instant opinion on your home the moment they pull up outside? Consider that, also, when an estate agent arrives for a valuation.

If your property's kerb appeal has seen better days, it could be time to improve it before having your home valued.

Even something as simple as mowing the front lawn, sweeping up those autumn leaves and jet washing a pathway can help. Making a great early impression is key.


As well as the first impression of your property from the outside, an agent will also be looking at your home's interior when pondering a value.

Your house could be on the best street and close to all main amenities, but if it's interior has seen better days and is jam-packed full of needless clutter, this will affect its value.

A lick of paint can make a huge difference and don't forget to get pack away all those family photos before the valuation - you want the agent to see the property's potential for a buyer.


A modern kitchen diner is on most buyers' wish lists. If your home boasts a modern, multi-use space such as this, its valuation will be boosted.

Even if you don't have such a sprawling space, making the best use of what you do have is vital. Clear away some of your appliances to show off the worktop space better and ensure your kitchen is spotlessly clean before the event arrives.


Buyers looking for family homes will place school catchments right at the top of their Wishlist - and they are willing to pay a premium, too.

If your home sits in the catchment of an outstanding school, its value could be boosted by around £26,000.

Your agent will consider the Ofsted report of the school nearest to your property and this will have a huge bearing on its value.


Most buyers will also place a useable garden high on their new home wish list. If your property has a south-facing sun trap, its valuation will reflect this.

However, acres of lush lawn space is not to everyone's taste - those with a phobia of garden maintenance may be more attracted to a property with a lower valuation due to the lack of a garden.

A good agent with great knowledge of the area and buyers will take all of this into account.

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